Hybrid Car Repair

Regular maintenance and inspection of your hybrid car components are essential to achieve a better fuel economy and maintain your hybrid vehicle in a good condition.

We are able to service the most common hybrid car makes, such as Toyota Prius, Honda Insight or Lexus.

Our qualified hybrid mechanics in Acton, South West London, will be able to inspect various hybrid system elements, such as:

  • • Batteries,
  • • Cable wires,
  • • Oxygen sensors,
  • • Catalytic converters,
  • • Voltage control,
  • • Connection plugs.

Most common hybrid car issues

The usual symptoms of your hybrid system failure requiring a repair may include:

Lower MPG

Decreased fuel economy is usually caused by a battery issue, but there may be other symptoms that are likely to affect it. If you notice a continuous drop in your gas mileage, it is best to contact a hybrid specialist for an inspection.

Sudden Drops in Battery Level

If your battery level drops unexpectedly after an overnight stay and it no longer holds a charge, it is most likely an issue with the hybridbattery that should be checked ASAP. Otherwise it would eventually go flat and your car would not work as batteries are a key part of your powertrain.

Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) working longer than expected

Your ICE used to capture energy to power the electric motor may begin to start working more often than expected or turn on at unusual times. Both symptoms may be a result of battery failure in your hybrid and may need a repair.

State of Charge (SOC) Fluctuations

If you notice your battery level starting to swing, it will most often result from your charging system failure or a problem with your battery pack. Either way, it is essential to approach SOC issues quickly to avoid additional fuel expenses.

Unexpected Engine Noise

Engine noise in your hybrid may be result from various issues, such as dirty air filter or improper combustion engine timing. However, each case must be examined individually to assess the actual source of the problem.

Oxygen Sensor Issue

One of the most common parts that needs to be replaced in hybrids is oxygen sensor, which is an integral part of your exhaust system. The sensor determines the amount of petrol your engine requires in order to perform optimally. Malfunctioning oxygen sensors will usually trigger your “Check Engine” light. Their replacement is fairly inexpensive and their regular change may prevent more costly hybridrepairs.

If you experience any of the above, please feel free to give us a call at +44 20 8993 6417 or book an appointment.

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