Fuel system

Possible issues with fuel system:

  • Fuel pump fault which results in:
    • Difficulties in strting the engine/engine not starting at all
    • Soon after starting the engine stops from lack of fuel or goes out when the gas pedal is pressed
  • Injection system failure (diesel):
    • A result is primarily a loss of performance (a decrease in engine power). If you regularly experience problems with starting your car or notice white or black fumes coming out of exhaust pipes while driving, please come and get your car checked.
  • Damaged injector:
    • It will supply too small or too large amount of fuel into the combustion chamber in the engine. You may experience problems with starting the car or notice that the engine is not working properly. If there is too much fuel supplied to the engine, you may even notice smoke coming out of exhaust pipe.
  • Fuel system failure can also manifest itself in many different ways, i.e. unpleasant petrol smell in or outside the car, as well as poor fuel economy due to a leakage.

Any of the above may be dangerous for your safety and we would advise to have it checked as soon as possible.