Bodywork and Car Accident Repair

Bodywork and Car Accident Repair

At Autocar Centre we carry out qualified repairs on all brands and models in passenger and light commercial group. Paint scratches, rock chips, bumper scuffs or car panel damages can happen anywhere in London and become very expensive to repair. We complete car body repairs at a sensible price, using the finest paints and coatings. Do not hesitate to contact us today for a quote free of charge.

Insurance approved

Our garage is approved by the major insurers in the UK. We carry out insurance claim works on your vehicle in major areas of West London, including: Ealing, Acton, Hammersmith, Chiswick, Richmond, Brentford and Shepperds Bush.

Book your next visit online at Autocar Centre today to assess the type of paint damage on your car.

Types of Paint Damage on Your Vehicle

There are three kinds of car scratches your vehicle can experience:

  • 1. Clear coat scratches happen on the outer layer of the car. They are the most common type of damage, usually caused by improper wash or slight contact with the car.
  • 2. Colour coat scratches are a medium damage that removes paint from the surface of your car. In brief, depth of a scratch determines whether your damage can be buffed out or car panel has to be resprayed.
  • 3. Primer scratches are the most severe damage that expose underlying metal and make it prone to rust. They should be addressed as quickly as possible. Left only for few days, they can start a corrosion on your car which is very costly to repair and decreases overall value of your vehicle.

The One Stop Body Shop

Our garage offers all types of bodywork damage service, including:

Vehicle Body Repair Services in West London

In a big city like London, car scratches and dents are a common problem among vehicle owners. Even a small damage may cause a significant drop in vehicle value. Whether you’ve been impacted by a car accident, act of vandalism or other unfortunate incident, schedule an appointment with our specialists to find out the most cost-efficient way to restore bodywork on your car.

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